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Who is Jacqui Tillyard?

jacqui tillyard"An approachable, Inspiring mentor" is how many of my clients have described me. An intuitive and perceptive coach, mentor and workshop leader who enables them to get great personal and business results. I have created a number of programmes which assist my entrepreneurial clients by incorporating a unique blend of proven practical business skills and esoteric universal principles to empower them to create profitable and successful services based businesses.

Corporate, Organisational and Private Client Experience

I’ve worked with over 2000+ business start ups and private clients and I work extensively with local Universities, government bodies, and charities who focus in the field of entrepreneurship.

Client Testimonial

“Jacqui is a friendly dynamo. She is an excellent listener, with the uncanny ability of asking the uncomfortable but needed question to get you thinking. She is warm and supportive."
Beth Peakall

"Thank you so much for everything you have taught us this week and for being so bloody lovely! "
Anthony Pike

"Thank you for help and support , you are ACE! "- Rebecca Wilson

Award Winner

Prior to mentoring businesses, I had a successful career with a number of top blue chip corporate companies as an award winning Sales Key Account Manager. At the turn of the Millennium, disillusioned with corporate life, I decided to change my stressful corporate existence and opted instead to make signigicant changes to my career opting to start my own business. Whilst working in the corporate arena, I always applied the principles of being a heart centred business manager and created many opportunities building vital connections and relationships in doing so including winning a major sales award for my achievements.

I’ve acquired great practical 'hands on' skill set and an extensive experience (good and bad!) working in both the corporate and small business sectors. I understand the challenges many people just like you face when it comes to running an ethical and authentic business. I have also worked closely with a number of organisations supporting young entrepreneurs providing training and mentoring to get them up and running in their own business. My friendly approachable yet no nonsense approach is well received by young people.

Whether it’s making the switch from employment to self employment or starting a new business even growing an existing one, I believe that I can help you. My expertise and wisdom has come from practical experience and hundreds of hours of learning, personal development and qualifications.


I am the Co-author of ‘Grow Your Own Networks’, I’ve learned the importance of both being surrounded by like minds and supportive work partners as well as creating new groups myself. I have gone on to be published in a number of print and online publications with business and personal development related articles.

Other Areas of Expertise

I am fully trained in a number of holistic practices so can also assist you with stress management techniques and training in Reiki and Access Bars, a tool to help you clear mind clutter!

Ethos and Mission

My ethos is built around integrity, fun and inclusion. The company has a mission “To create unique connected conscious ‘heart centred’ entrepreneurs who want to know how to grow their businesses intuitively and successfully so they in turn can serve others.

"Jacqui is inspirational. But more than that, she's a woman after my  own heart - she tells it like it is. She's got her feet on the  ground. With a wealth of exceptional career experience, she knows  what works and what doesn't, and if you're in a mess, you can trust  Jacqui to get you out of it. She's been there, done that, and can put  you, as she put herself, on the most amazing personal and career  trajectory.

Jacqui is a rare being. She understands, but she uses that  understanding to work out and enable practical steps to saving  yourself, and your business. She's an amazing woman. She knew exactly who I am, and helped me find 
my niche when I thought I'd lost my identity. I can't thank her enough.
Dr Barbara Jacobs, Agony aunt, Academic, Writer/journalist/broadcaster, Businesswoman

Empowering Clients To Achieve Great Results

I have developed the ability to see the potential and possibility within my clients.I work to instil a ‘can do’ confident attitude in them. Many have gone on to create brilliant business results after consulting with me. I have intuitively honed the innate knack of spotting my client’s key issues quickly, asking them just the right questions, so they gain total clarity on their next move. I have enabled clients to solve their problem easily with practical actions. I delve in with those questions that highlight the core problem, and take the client through the process of finding a fast solution and optimum results.

Find Out More About Jacqui's Heart Connect Programme Helping Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs To Win!

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Take a more 'Stress Free' Holistic Approach to Business

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Joint Venture with Jacqui

If you have an allied service or product I am always happy to discuss Joint Ventures, email or call me with your details


Typical Client Issues I Can
Help You to Solve

Typical key issues for my clients include:

  • Get more Mindful and remove yourself from distraction and chaos
  • How to blend business with your spiritual connection
  • Being an Effective Leader
  • Low self esteem & limited confidence
  • Overcoming stress and overwhelm
  • Fighting fear
  • Increasing self worth to charge your worth (profitable pricing)
  • Authentic heart selling without being pushy
  • Energy management
  • Creating clear, genuine, heartfelt marketing messages
  • Creating and accomlishing your business vision
  • Developing inner leadership for outer success
  • Overcoming limitation and negative beliefs
  • Feeling disillusioned or even ripped off from training, coaching and support that you have previously got, you are now ready to find the right person to work with for real results!

Bespoke Programmes I have created to address these issues:

  • Biz Start up Secrets - Simplify
  • Conscious Leader
  • Conscious Entrepreneur
  • Where There's Wisdom

"Jacqui is able to “spot” particular problems in a business idea and then be able to offer solutions without criticism, a very valuable tool when dealing with budding entrepreneurs. It has been an absolute pleasure working her"
Marina Pickles Enterprise Manager Loughborough University

My Qualifications

  • Access Bars Facilitator
  • V Master Business Coach
  • Cfex High Growth Coaching
  • SFEDI Accredited Business Advisor
  • Business Advisor and Enterprise Trainer, BLU
  • NLP Master Results Coach & Trainer
  • Associated Board Stress Management Consultant,
  • IAC Coach,
  • Certified Business Coach,
  • Business Mentor,
  • Advanced Hypnosis & Time Line
  • Reiki Master/ Tutor
  • Holistic Therapist

What clients say about me

My clients talk about their fantastic results having worked directly with me. They comment on my totally approachable style, no nonsense, friendly and honest feedback, my focused supportive encouraging mentoring. Many refer to my natural ability to hone in on the exact problem that they overlooked which was staring them in the face all the time!
I apply my natural ability to keep it real whilst bring out the best in someone so they become a person of possibility.

How clients describe me

Approachable , Ace, Able to give a fresh perspective on their critical challenges
Bloody Brilliant, Bright , Caring , Confident, Catalyst, Creative ideas generator, Enabling,Encouraging, Energizing, Engaging, Friendly, Honest, Human Dynamo , Independent, Inspiring,Intuitive, Just what they needed - Lovely!! (even I was surprised with this!) Offered results with a lasting impact, On the ball! Poweful, Professional, Reliable, Solutions Spotter (when they would have otherwise missed the answer) Trustworthy, Transformational, Winner!

My Personal Skills

Adaptable, approachable, bright, bold, confidential , creative ideas person, direct, discrete, efficient, engaging, friendly, fun, gets things done, heart focused intention, inspiring, intuitive, learner, motivated, organised, no messing about, practical, thinks on the go, questioning, rapid, results focused, spots the problem and addresses it quickly , wise

What makes me tick?

I love to meet new like minds and hearts, I’m a life-long learner, interested in quantum universe principles, developing a more conscious society, law of attraction, matters related to mind, body, spirit and soul, music, travel, pet dog, salsa dancing, zumba, reading, personal development, holistic health care,good food, nature, theatre, jewellery, entrepreneurship.

As serial entrepreneur with business in the the professional, personal and holistic development arenas and a property portfolio too!

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