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Some of the areas Jacqui has assisted business owners in the past that may be of interest to you are:

  • Stopping Your Feelings of Overwhelm and turning it into Applied Action
  • Reducing Stress Levels related to work pressures
  • Becoming a More Conscious Contributing Entrepreneur/Leader
  • Staying Motivated , Creating Inner Self Belief and 'Can Do' Success Mindset
  • Starting a Service Business From Scratch
  • Self Worth and Confidence
  • Understanding the Push Free Sales Process
  • Pricing for Profit & Value
  • Ideal Client Attraction
  • Creating a Cohesive and Dedicated Team
  • Creating Your Big Vision Business Plan
  • Impact and Powerful Presence with Your Target Audience
  • Preparing a Winning Sales/Investor Pitch

All my work is guaranteed, I will do my very best to help you achieve your desired outcomes. I will be totally honest with you from the outset if I beleive you are being unrealistic and I will work with you to get optimum results for you.

Who are the coaching/mentoring clients I work with?

Individual entrepreneurs and organisations supporting the development of entrepreneurs who want to enhance their high quality profiles within their chosen market. My clients understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses, They see the value of the results they will achieve as a result of working with me. They expect and receive professionalism and top quality service from me.

My clients usually run 'heart centred' service based businesses such as artists, entertainers, coaches, trainers, consultants, virtual assistants, therapists and others associated with the people helping industry. They want to serve their target audiences to the highest level. They have a mindset that embraces both business and esoteric principles and are ready to take action and apply both to their lives and businesses.

My aim is work with these caring individuals. My clients must be prepared to come together to embrace positive change, act more consciously and create a new possibility where none previously existed. I actually offer a mix of coaching and mentoring offering consultation and suggestions which a client can choose to opt for and act on if they wish.

My ideal clients are seeking a vibrant and practical mentor to assist them with their mission in business. They may be currently disillusioned with the assistance they have previously received and are ready to work with an authentic leader who takes integrity, honesty and best value seriously.

They know then need intensive assistance and guidance NOW, they can't be bothered to sit in a seminar room with hundreds of others they value one to one support to achieve their goals and aspirations. They like to stand out from the crowd!

They love to have fun, be in wonderful places and invest in themselves and their businesses. They are natural connectors and can make magic happen when they come together.
They are currently looking for a quality programme and inspiring leader to assist them with their business growth and one that has other charitable aims too.

"Thank you fab Jacqui Tillyard - it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you. It has helped me to clarify, identify and get down onto paper so many ideas for my business growth. Finally starting to get a S.M.A.R.T. with my dream ;-)" Karen Sealey, Pure Blessed Tarot.

No one hour quick fix calls from me!

I never offer 'one off' one hour 'fix it' calls or ' try and fit everyone into a fixed programme. Everything that I offer clients is tailored to their needs. Even topics covered at WoW are what have been requested by clients. I understand there are many aspects of business and personal development that I need to cover with clients, but only when you the client are ready or have a need for it.

I can talk to you about what I have done in the past, the kind of areas I have experience in tackling and overcoming, but ultimately making the changes you need to make begins and ends with you!. What I can do is demonstrate how you can get real, tangible and improved outcomes as a result of hiring me.

If it is vital that you work with the very best resources to enhance your personal and business performance, I have a whole raft of experience, qualifications but also a reputation for producing positive outcomes for my clients. You are assured of top class support that can have a major positive impact on your success. 

“Jacqui has exceptional business insights. The kind of leader people must go to for advice and counsel.”
Maggi Rowell Fit for A Queen Fashion Designer


How do I become a private client? What is my next step?

You know that you would prefer one to one coaching and mentoring to make your vision a reality, simply call me or fill in an application form to become one of my private clients. I only work with a small amount of private clients so I need to ensure we are a good fit before I say yes to us working together.

Application form

Still feeeling unsure? Click here to read an interview with Jacqui. It will give you full details all about who she works with the programmes she offers and how to get involved, see if you are a good fit to work together!


Working with organisations

Please note I do also work with organisations to coach and mentor individuals withing your organisation. I have worked extensively across the business start up sector, in particular supporting many young entrepreneurs and women in business. I can also share my wide experience in a corporate sales environment so if leadership developments, motivation and selling skills are on your agenda, do feel free to call me to see if I can assist you.

Client Testimonial

Jacqui is a breath of fresh air to work with - She will 'get straight to the point' and 'tell it like it is' - She just 'gets it'. She knows how to give worthy and valuable advice to a woman in business. She is approachable, kind, and generous with her time - And will ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is looking for her coaching service
Rebecca Harvey Virtual Assistant Leicester

A Final Message From Jacqui

Click here for a personal message from Jacqui

Joint Venture with Jacqui

If you have an allied service or product I am always happy to discuss Joint Ventures, email or call me with your details

If you would like to discuss how we can work together call me now on 0116 279 6906 or 07747 471145

What you will gain from working with Jacqui Tillyard

Focused personal attention to see the potential and possibility within you. You will learn how to instil a ‘can do’ confident attitude, create brilliant ideas and get fantastic results fast. You will benefit from my innate knack of asking you just the right question, so you gain total clarity on your next move.

I can spot your 'greatness' often before you do! If you are currently swimming around in a sea of overwhelm, confusion and disillusionment, I urge you to call me so I can help you to access a clear path to success you deserve and desire.

 What clients say about Jacqui

My clients talk about their fantastic results having worked directly with me. They comment on my totally approachable style, no nonsense, honest feedback and supportive encouraging mentoring.
I have the ability to keep it real whilst bringing out the best in someone so they become a person of possibility.

Work Privately With Jacqui

Discovery Session

A 30 minute Skype or Telephone session to explore what the real issue is and how you may be able to solve it with my help.

I like to see if we are a good fit before taking on new clients and they value the opportunity to see if they like me and my support too.

You can now find out if we are a good match to work together from having a discovery session.

Cost is just £50 payable in advance and is fully refundable if you book further training/mentoring with me.

To book your session please contact me for available dates and times

Intensive Focus Day with Jacqui

One off no nonsence let's solve this issue now session - For a 'one off' issue. We will devise a quick action plan for you to take away and implement for rapid success.

This is also a great way to discover if you want to commit to working on a more long term plan with me!

Over the course of one day you get up to six hours of intensive coaching and mentoring to address your specific business issue. Can be split into two half days if preferred, by arrangement only.

  • We can cover how to improve your
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Confidence
  • Message
  • Mindset

    And anything else related to your business that is currently holding you back!

    One day intensives Include:
  • Full personalised action plan
  • Resources list
  • Refreshments
  • 1 hour follow up review
  • My undivided attention to help you focus!

Your Investment - Time, Commitment and just £950 Payable in advance via BACS transfer or Paypal Payment.

Half Day Intensive

If you have just one specific issue, say pricing, confidence or mindset, I can also tailor a half day intensive to focus on your issue. Cost is just £550

I have a limited amount of spaces available for private clients, the maximum I work with is 4 at anyone time.

Other Programmes

I also currently offer personalised development packages for my private one to one clients:

Private Client Premium Programme

6 intensive one to one coaching using only proven methods. My programmes will be designed to help you with your chosen specific area of developing your business Some of the tools I can include are:

  • Welcome Goodie Pack
  • Up to 6 private client sessions (can offer as half days if you prefer)
  • Personal Skype consultations
  • Think Clear Relax Sessions
    (Get your Bars Run!)
  • Unlimited email contact

    Payable in each month via BACS transfer

Thanks to Jacqui Tillyard for helping me plot my course" Claire Miller

"Jacqui has coached me regularly on implementing my business strategy, as well as on personal clarity. She is astute, lightening quick to see through any of my confusion. She uncannily pinpoints what has proved to be the best solution with target precision. With Jacqui, you get to move ahead quickly. I trust and wholeheartedly recommend Jacqui's highly effective yet truly confidential approach. I will continue to use her services.”Isabel Gainford, CEO, Sheer Distinction

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