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Price for Profit



Special Offer for November and December 2015

Fed up when it comes to quoting prices to potential clients or asking exisiting ones for money. Do you dread having to sell and promote yourself?


If you are frustrated when it comes to making good and regular income for your business and you want a way to be able to ask for your desired price without feeling pushy, salesy or over the top, This could help you NOW!

Solve your biggest pricing challenges, easily and effectively

Ok this is a totally practical, no nonsense session to enable you to feel fine when it comes to creating sensible price packages to make it easy for your customers to know exactly what they wil pay if they hire you..

  • Learn how to price and package your products and services so you are always profitable and still offering excellent value to your ideal customers

  • Feel confident when it comes to promoting and selling your products and services so that when you have to quote or have a conversation about price, its all done and easy

  • Learn how to attract the right sort of customers, who actually value what you do for them. I am not talking about those pesky bargain hunters who will keep asking for discounts and shop around or worse still expect your to work for nothing.

So I want to make it simple for those of you who are currently struggling with deciding on prices, asking for money in your business and commanding your true value.

Whether your confidence has been hit, your business is not at the level you would like it , your budget is more restricted than you would like, you are not attracting enough of the right clients or you are simply feeling afraid right now I want to offer you access to get proper professional support, inspiration and motivation - that is provided you are ready to invest some of your time, commitment and some of your hard earn cash with me.

Here's How to Access Fantastic Results with Jacqui and Find profit in your business at least triple your Investment Guaranteed!

This is a half day (up to 3.5 hours) session either done face to face in Leicestershire or via Skype if you are not local to me. Cost is just £199 and during the session we will uncover ways to increase your profitability quickly and easily.


I guarantee to help you identify at least triple your investment during our time together, so you have absolutely nothing to lose in your investment of time and hard earn cash.

  • We can work on attracting clients who will pay the right prices

  • How to calculate your costs then work on a sensible profit level that you are happy with

  • How to package your products and services and make a good profit without ripping anyone off

  • How to increase your profits by offering more value with what you already do

  • How to get customers coming back for more

  • Creating an ongoing profitable business

  • How to have a conversation with existing customers who may need to pay more for your products and services


Who is this offer not for?

There will be some people who this offer is just not appropriate for, here are some of the people I prefer not to work with. We simply wouldn't be a good fit. I do wish you well but you may not hear back from me if I sense from your application that you fall into any of these categories:

  • Those not prepared to commit

  • Big excuse makers and procrastinators

  • Those not ready to invest or act on any suggestions made NOW

  • Cheapskate and those not prepared to pay a realistic rate for professional assistance

  • Those who are not prepared to put in effort, focus and energy to solving that big challenge

  • Complainers, blamers and pessimists!

  • Those who are not ready to take their challenge seriously

  • Those who just want want free stuff and take for the sake of it.

If however you are a committed, person ready to focus on sorting out your issue and are ready to act and invest in yourself, I would love to hear from you so we can work together and take you forward to a new level.


Simply contact me either by email at jacqui@jacquitillyard.co.uk or call me to arrange a session on 0116 279 6906.


Remember this offer is only available during Novembner and December, Lets get your 2016 off to the very best profitable start by planning it now! Call me!


Reasons to book this session today

  • You are struggling to generate new business

  • The clients you have now are bargain hunters and want cheap prices

  • You are not covering your costs

  • You don't have enough clients or bookings

  • You are not feeling confident with your prices

  • You worry about your competiton too much

  • You can't remember the last time you had a pay rise

  • You don't realise the value you offer to your clients yet

  • You wish you could sell more without feeling pushy

  • You have a price in mind when you quote someone then cut it by half when it comes to having the price conversation with them

  • You are only just covering costs when you sell something


  • if any of all of these apply to you - CALL ME NOW! You desperately need my help to show you how to turn your struggling business around

  • This will be the best £200 you ever invested in your business guaranteed

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