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Reiki Training Is For

  • People feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Those who just need to relax and take time out
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Spiritual oriented people, ready to benefit from healing energy
  • Therapists who want a new skill to offer their clients
  • Heart focused Business Owners who want to create harmony in their work
  • Corporate Team Builder Days
  • Those with an open mind to new experiences to heal

  • ONE To ONE Reiki Training - Giving you undivided Attention - for the more discerning learner!

    I offer my clients individual one to one training so that you get my undivided attention and are not inhibited by odd group dynamics or disruptive students. You will get professional training and support along with any mentoring on the day to ensure you are totally happy and focused on learning Reiki properly.

    I understand how challenging it can be when you attend a course and its disrupted by attention seekers, people who don't get what is being taught, and those not taking things seriously. So for this reason, I only offer one 2 one or two to one sessions for those who wish to learn with a friend or relative. So you can be assured of personal attention, tuition to meet your needs and a safe environment to ask as many questions as you wish.

    One of the other benefits of working with me is not only will I take you through the spiritual process of reiki but also I offer ways that you can apply it practically on a day to day basis to your working day. If you are a heart centred or spiritual business owner, reiki can have massive benefits for you , your staff and your customers. I can assist you in improving your mindset and energy levels, discuss ways to deal with difficult people, ease unrest in the workplace and create calmer more relaxed environment when working using the principles around Reiki.

    There are 4 levels of Reiki Training

    Reiki 1

    Learn self healing techniques and ways to offer Reiki energy to help yourself, your loved ones, friends and clients. This is a 1 day training session where you will learn how to heal yourself and use the skill on friends and family. If you run your own business I can also discuss how to increase your energy levels, imrove your wellbeing and combat stress using reiki. Your investment for this one to one training is £225. Fee includes training, manual, certification, full support and refreshments and lunch. Course normally runs 10am til 4pm

    Reiki 2

    Learn how to send Reiki energy remotely over distances, here you will learn about Reiki symbols and their significance. Here we can also look at the impact negative emotions may have on your business and how to overcome them using some simple reiki protection techniques. Your investment for this 1 day one to one training is £250. Fee includes training, manual, certification, full support and refreshments and lunch. Course runs for approximately 5-6 hoursl

    Reiki 3

    Learn the final Reiki Symbols and understand your full spiritual commitment to send out powerful Reiki Healing to wherever and whoever needs it. Your opportunity to access the power of the master symbols and really heal yourself and others. Learn how to harness reiki energy to rev up your success, improve your health wellbeing and become more attractive to opportunities in your life and business. Your investment for this one to one training is just £275 Fee includes training, manual, certification, full support and refreshments. course normally run approximately 4-5 hours

    Reiki Teacher

    Dependant on your skill level, you can either opt to do a one day or half day course where you will learn how to train others to use this wonderful energy. Full details of attunements and training design, any required template and certificates can be also provided with assistance helping you to build, promote and grow your business
    One day course is £295 or Half day £195 includes training, manual, certification, full support and refreshments.

Please note I DO NOT offer discounts so please don't ask me for them. I believe I offer top class individual service to each of my private clients its already excellent value for money. If you are on a tight budget, I am probably not the right teacher for you. But if you desire individual undistracted attention, tailored training and attunements this is a great option for you.

Gift Vouchers

You can also purchase any of the above treatments as gift vouchers, just email me to let me know the name of the person you would like the voucher for. If you would like to give someone the gift of a bars session I can arrange for a gift voucher to be sent to you or them. Gift Vouchers can be purchased in multiples values from just £25. Click here


Contact me directly for more details on training. I arrange personal one to one attunements during the week if you prefer to weekend sessions these can be arranged with prior arrangement. Call for availability.

Please phone me directly to arrange your appointment on either 07747 471145 or 0116 279 6906

Everything is Energy Time To Tap into a World of Reiki!


If you are intrigued by the benefits of positive energy, then Reiki is a great way to explore healing soothing energy.

I am a qualified Reiki Tutor ready to offer attunements for students who want practical, hands on experiential learning to acquire this wonder energy and put it to best use on a daily basis.

I specialise in running individual training attunement sessions where you will learn about how to exchange reiki healing energy intuitively.

My ethos is to help you be your very best taking a very practical yet spiritual approach using Reiki energy to enable you to be more energetically connected to succeed in life whether that involves enhancing your health & wellbeing, increasing your confidence, improving relationships, building your business with a more spiritual connection or anything else you wish to focus success upon.

Anyone can learn to give Reiki, it isn't your energy, it belongs to the Universe, your job is to act as a channel for it!

Reiki cannot do harm, only good so it is a safe and helpful way for those suffering pain, stress and discomfort in their lives on a physical, emotional and mental level.

I usually offer these courses in lovely rural Leicestershire, however if there is a group of 4 or more of you who would like to get together and you can provide a suitable venue, I am happy to discuss travelling to you across the UK.


Contact Me Today to Arrange Your Reiki Training

Pre-booking essential, payment in advance by BACS bank transfer please. Also accept cash payments.

Paypal payment is available with a 5% surcharge
Paypal payment to jacqui@jacquitillyard.co.uk

If you require other Reiki levels please contact me for details.

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